01a Chobani® Oatmilk

One of my first projects was working on the Chobani® Oat(milk) packaging, lead by Joakim Jansson and Lisa Smith. It included 5 varieties of oatmilk, as well as 6 flavors of yogurts. We worked with illustrator Luke Best on the packaging, and it came together very sweet.

Design / Art Direction: Joakim Jansson
Creative Direction: Lisa Smith
Photography: Grant Cornett

01b Chobani® Oatmilk Campaign


After the launch of Chobani® Oat, we began work on the first campaign, lead by Leland Maschmeyer. Working with Will MacNamara and Joakim Jansson, we created OOH assets all over NYC, and worked with Grant Cornett to capture beautiful photos. After that, we flew to Stockholm to shoot 3 films with RGB6.

Design / Art Direction: Will MacNamara
Creative Direction: Leland Maschmeyer, Michael Ciancio
Photography: Grant Cornett
Commercial: RGB6

01c Chobani® Probiotic

Perhaps my favorite project at Chobani® was the campaign for Chobani® Probiotic. Finding the balance of scientific and natural, researched but tasty, was a tricky one to navigate. We were blessed to work with and blown away by the delivery from River Cousin. It came to life so much more beautifully than we anticipated and the process was a pleasure. 

Design / Art Direction: Will MacNamara
Creative Direction: Leland Maschmeyer
Illustration: River Cousin

01d Chobani® Coconut

Another favorite was the Chobani® Coconut campaign. Was short but super fun, and worked with photographer Jessica Pettway to bring it to life. 

Design / Art Direction: Gabi LaMontaigne
Photography: Jessica Pettway

01e Chobani® Coffee Creamer

I worked on the Chobani® Coffee Creamer pack-aging design. What started as a rushed last minute redesign after an unfortunate client meeting, became one of my favorite packaging designs. We worked with Lan Truong to make simple, utopian, and psychedelic landscapes for the artwork.

Design / Art Direction: Gabi LaMontaigne, Will MacNamaraAnisa Suthayalai
Creative Direction: Leland Maschmeyer
Illustration: Lan Truon
Photography: Cody Guilfoyle

01f Chobani® Nut Butter

Chobani® Nut Butter on the bottom was a super fun campaign. Based on the lovestory between a cow and a nut, we worked with Jay Cover on the illustrations to create these really sweet characters.

Creative Direction: Michael Ciancio
Illustration: Jay Cover

01g Chobani® Gimmies

Chobani® Gimmies was my first project at Chobani®. I worked on the packaging a bit, as but primarily the wordmark under the direction of Rik Bracho. (I did not work on the photo shoot, just showing the logo in context across the products.)

Creative Direction: Rik Bracho