05a Medieval Times (Working)

Originally concieved as a funny play on words with friends *Medieval Times*, the more I worked on it, the more I liked it. It's capitals are based on Wedlock, a decorative lombardic type, and the characters are based on times roman. The combination makes for something quite striking, unexpected, and surprisingly legible at text size. 

05b Epimetheus (Working)

Epimetheus was inspired by Centralschrift, a typeface by the C.G. Schoppe foundry in 1835. It fused a roman top half with a blackletter lower half. The described “ridiculous attempt” was surprisingly successful in my opinion, and so my interpretation began.

05c Peter Rabbit (Working)

I started drawing this based on a Peter Rabbit book cover I really enjoyed. My best guess is that it was done with a brush based on Albertus. I wanted to keep the warmth and weight, but accentuate some of the edges I had found in the lettering reference.

05d Strawberry (Working)

A heavily Lubalin influenced rounded sans with some distinction in a few lowercase characters, as well as Avant Garde style CAPS ligatures. I was aiming for something between Lubalin and Vienna Successionist lettering, and may continue to try and pull it more in that direction.