03a Oddball® Jelly Snacks Logo

In 2022, Erica Bech reached out to me to work on the logo for the Vegan Jelly company Oddball®. Truly a dream project to work on a logo for such a fun and expressive product. And the sort of thing that should have been vegan all along. (I did not work on this photo shoot but exciting to see the logo coming to life in these!)

Design / Art Direction: Erica Bech
Photography Grant Cornett

03b Morning Silk Logo

Morning Silk asked me to draw a logo for their self titled EP. Had a lot of fun with this, drawing from some lombardic capital references. Album artwork done by Alex Kiesling.

Illustration: Alex Kiesling

03c Mailchimp® Logo Update

Christian Widlic reached out to me to update the mailchimp logo after they were bought by Intuit. Since the name had to be about half sized, I redrew the logo with more space and larger ink traps to work better at smaller sizes, like email footers.

AD: Christian Widlic